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Use LYNX Insights to explore key points of information and make better business decisions.

Filter Insights

Inventory values reflect estimated current liftable inventories. Closed orders reflect net values. 

(Examples: Product = Regular Gasoline, Tank = 12)

Current liftable inventory

101.22K BBLS

Premium Gasoline

7.73K BBLS

Regular Gasoline

88.67K BBLS

Today's shipments

20.23K BBLS


30.19K BBLS



From yesterday


Shipments this month

292.13K BBLS


From last month

this month vs last month.png

Inventory timeline

Shipments timeline.png

Current liftable inventory by tank

current inventory vs capacity.png

Current inventory product mix

Product mix mockup.png

Current inventory by tank

Shipments this month

Shipments timeline.png

Shipments this month by tank

shipments by tank .png

Shipments this month by product

shipments by product.png

Shipments this month by customer

shipments by customer.png
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